Looking for a new way to add variety to your workout? Has your body gotten used to your regular routine? Want a challenge?

Well this new series just might help.

As the instructor for a kickboxing class, I'm always on the lookout for new training ideas to share with (i.e. torture) my class. In the Conditioning Spotlight, I'll try to highlight some of the training ideas that I've picked up along the way.

Some of these excercises are too advanced for me to safely perform or use in the class but I still use them as inspiration to train harder. Others just seem like good variation on an old excercise. Whatever their purpose, I hope you get as much use out of them as I do.

The one thing that I've noticed while searching sites like for ideas is that most of the MA conditioning videos I've seen are just some dude in his garage with loud rap music playing as he shows off in front of a camera. While a lot of these guys demonstrate really impressive workouts and are obviously physically fit, they really don't help much with improving my own routines.

Instead of presenting the "Show Off" videos, I'll try to select instructional videos that provide some information and helpful tips for performing the excercises yourself. I hope you also find these clips helpful, no matter your current level of fitness.

Take this first installment for instance. Most of us are already familiar with the classic "clap" push up, where you push up off of the ground and quickly clap your hands together before landing.

However, I came across this wrestling gym that does a nice spin on the traditional excercise. Instead of clapping in front of the chest, they spring up extra high and clap their hands all the way behind their backs.

I think this is a great way of developing explosive power and hand speed. Lifting your body higher off of the ground also forces you to engage your core and use more muscles than a traditional push up - great for functional strength! They call this movement a "Quick Twitch Clap Push Up."

Check these kids out...

Of course, no matter how tough an excercise is, there's always someone out there crazy enough to come up with a harder variation. In this case, it's our old friend, Ross Ross Enamait from

As usual, he takes an already tough excercise and makes it totally insane.

Now those are the kind of push ups that will get you noticed. For most of us, they're probably a bit too advanced, but we could start out by practicing the standard 'clap' push ups for a while until we're ready for the 'quick twitch clap' push ups, and then work our way up to the triple claps.

The idea is to start with a method we feel comfortable with and then slowly train to until we can transition into another version of the excercise. Remember, take it easy and train safe. Messing up one of these push ups can send your face right into the floor. (It'd be a good idea to start out on a fairly soft surface, like a mat or something.)

What's that? Ross's triple clap push ups are still to easy for you?

Okay, I see that we've got some real muscle-heads in the audience. Fine if your so tough, try out the version of push ups in this next clip. (Be sure to watch until the end... she's... ummm... really, really strong!)


Okay, take care, train hard and fight dirty!



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